Yorkdale Shopping Centre is undeniably Canada’s premier shopping destination, and for good reason. With over 18 million people a year coming through its doors, this shopping centre is not only Canada’s busiest mall, but also its most successful, as determined through its sales per unit area. Numerous well-known international companies have chosen it as the venue to open their first Canadian storefronts, including Apple, Microsoft, Tesla Motors, The Cheesecake Factory, and Kate Spade New York. With over 250 stores to visit, there will without a doubt be something for everyone in the family to get excited about. Even more than the endless list of shopping opportunities, you’ll love that Yorkdale Shopping Centre has free parking, is TTC accessible, and is located less than ten minutes from you in your Riverside Home.



Zara Home makes it effortless for you to stay on trend in interior design this season with all the latest in home décor. With designers from across the world taking inspiration from couture runway shows and the hottest fashion trends, Zara Home offers everything you need to create an environment for yourself that is both warm and chic. The store sells everything you could need for your home, from bedding and tablecloths, to towels, furniture, cutlery, and decorative accents. Zara Home even offers a line of baby clothes and nursey items to keep your children’s bedroom the envy of every parent. Additionally, Zara Home also offers a selection of cozy loungewear and a bath and body line to help you feel as good as your freshly decorated home looks. The best part of Zara Home is that it delivers the latest décor trends of the season at price points that won’t make you feel bad about keeping things current.



There is no better place at Yorkdale to indulge in a taste of luxury than at Ladurée. Founded in 1862, this world-renowned French patisserie is famous for its macarons, a decadent treat consisting of two crisp-shelled biscuits held together by a sweet ganache or fruity jam. Although these sweet confections are not exclusively sold by Ladurée, it is argued that Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of the patisserie’s original owner, was the first person to join two macaron biscuits together to create the mouth-watering desserts loved by so many today. Guests can choose to purchase macarons to go, or enjoy them alongside a delicious menu of other pastries, sweets, and teas in the shop’s adjoining tea room. With the design for the entire shop inspired by historic France, you’ll relish in the unique experience of the French art of living that Ladurée offers.



From fashion to storage, home décor, office supplies, skin care, snacks, and tea, Muji has it all. Known for its low-cost, good-quality products, Muji strives to continuously officer guests useful, no-frill items that are attractive not because they are so aesthetically pleasing, but because they perfectly fill a need. Since its establishment in 1980, Muji has been the retail embodiment of the Japanese mandate of omotenashi, a way of treating guests with attentive care. Featuring two in-house personal brand experts–an interior advisor and a styling advisor–as well as an on-site embroidery studio, Muji will help you find that perfect item that will make your life just that much easier.



It will be diffcult to decide who will be more excited to visit the LEGO store, you or your children. The kid-friendly play areas will spark your children’s imagination while the innovative display will have you itching to build a LEGO set of your own. Friendly staff members are always on hand to help you choose a LEGO set build, or provide some inspiration for creating your own masterpiece. With LEGO sets ranging in complexity, from the Dulpo line intended for pre-school-aged hands, to complex recreations of world landmarks, there’s a set for every skill level. The LEGO store is definitely an engaging experience the whole family will enjoy.



Since its establishment in 1901, Nordstom has consistently strived to provide its guests with the best shopping experience possible. Through its impeccable customer service and unerring sense of style, Nordstrom has established itself as a premier and cutting-edge fashion retailer across the globe. In addition to offering the latest in clothing, shoes and accessories for the whole family, Nordstrom also sells home décor, electronics and candy and gifts, all made from the highest quality materials. Despite Nordstrom’s reputation as being a luxury department store, it does not have an exclusively high-end price-point. Whether you’re looking for a quick gift for someone under $10, or an extravagant birthday present to yourself, you’re sure to enjoy the feeling of luxury that shopping at Nordstrom brings.