One of the best perks of owning a Riverside home is the freedom to walk your child to school on their first day of junior kindergarten, or taking minutes out of your busy morning to drive your teens to high school on a rainy day. Whether you’re interested in public school, or a more specialized educational experience for your child, there are so many options in the community to choose from. With such a diverse group of schools located less than a 10 minute drive from home, you’ll never have to settle for what’s in your catchment area, and your child will never have an excuse for being late for class.


The Toronto District School Board, more commonly referred to as the TDSB, is the largest school board in Canada. With over 300,000 students and 600 schools, the TDSB has rapidly evolved since its establishment 20 years ago. It is the TDSB’s mission to provide students of all ages with enriching environments in which they can strive to reach not only high levels of academic success, but also an extraordinary understanding of the values and skills needed to become responsible members of society. In addition to superb academic results, the TDSB also boasts in-school nutritional programs, parent and guardian advisory committees, licensed childcare, and outdoor programs.

With so many locations across the GTA, it is not surprising you can find TDSB elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools all minutes from your Riverside home. Maple Leaf Public School, located at 301 Culford Road, welcomes students from junior kindergarten to grade 8, has its own private library, music classes, and a specialized program called STEM geared towards having children excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM initiative and commitment to academic excellence is continued into high school at Weston Collegiate Institute, located at 100 Pine Street. Weston Collegiate, in addition to its academics, is well known for its student’s school pride and the opportunity it provides individuals to customize their education. At Weston Collegiate, students can tailor their high school experience to fit their career interests, through a selection of specific classes and extra-curricular activities.


The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) prides itself in its commitment to uniting home, faith and education in a way that encourages students to grow in both grace and knowledge. For the TCDSB, the hope is that students will gain knowledge while simultaneously developing in faith, hope, and charity. A focus of the TCDSB is catering class curriculums to individual needs, as well as promoting a sense of equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity. The TCDSB currently includes over 200 schools for students of all ages, with many located mere minutes from your Riverside home.

St. Bernard Catholic School, located at 12 Duckworth Street, is not only a great elementary school option because it’s less than a 5 minute drive from your Riverside home, but also because it has an emphasis on education being a lifelong endeavour. At St. Bernard, teachers promote physical, mental, emotional, and social development just as strongly as they do academic growth. If you prefer to keep your child in the same school board through high school, St. Basil-the-Great College School, located at 20 Starview Lane is a great option to keep in mind for your student’s next educational step. At St. Basil-the-Great, your child will be met with a diverse and enriching curriculum that is constantly being reviewed to account for the needs of its students.


Private education is a great option to consider if you would prefer your child to have more one-on-one attention in the classroom. With most private schools boasting smaller class sizes than what would be typical for the TDSB or TCDSB, your child is guaranteed not only more individual assistance from the teacher, but also a close-knit community of students, and specialized courses that cannot be found at other schools. Many parents choose to enroll their children in private schools, even if only for a few years, for the specialized extra-curricular programs and educational opportunities they provide.

If you’re looking to give your child a head start to their academic career, Casa Vera Montessori, located at 2000 Keele Street, is perfect for young learners between the ages of 16 months and 6 years. In additional to a head start on their language and math skills, Casa Vera also provides your young learners with art and music lessons, an early introduction to the French language, as well as practice with day-to-day activities designed to improve fine motor skills and muscle coordination. At Casa Vera, you can be sure you are giving your child a great introduction to what will surely be a lifelong love of learning.